I offer illustration, animation and website development services.
The synergy between illustration and digital application convey a desirable message and help to reach set goals.

Websites / UI & UX / Illustration

Visual identity for Talaria app

UI Design/Illustration
Landing page, illustrations and logo creation.

A webpage that introduces the content and capabilities of the Talaria fitness app. The goal was to create the initial identity for Talaria in order to provide a strong starting point which helps presenting the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to potential customers.

Education in Saaremaa

Web UI & dev/Illustration
An illustrative infographic and website to show education paths in the island of Saaremaa.

The goal was to create an infographic and a website to highschool graduates. Both of them show the possibilities how to continue studies in shipbuilding and service economy in Saaremaa. An illustration and animation focused approach was used to create positive and eye-catching user experience.