Visual identity for Talaria app

Landing page, illustrations and logo creation.

A webpage that introduces the content and capabilities of the Talaria fitness app. The goal was to create the initial identity for Talaria in order to provide a strong starting point, which helps to present the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to potential customers.

To convey the message and info currently available, it was important to structure the wesite in a clear and comprehendable way. With its colors, illustrations and photographic material, Talaria’s identity expresses an active way of living.

The raspberry color used in the design expresses energy and active lifestile. The selected photo material on the page gives a sense of what the app is about and who is its audience.

The illustrations take us back in time to the early days of fitness and strongmen. It was a turning point in time, when people started consciously to pay attention to their body and mind through physical exercise.

The logo of the app comes from the word Talaria – winged sandals from Greek mythology. The aim of the logo was to maintain simplicity and express dynamic movement, and the intention in mind so that it could be used on the web, in print and as an app icon.

Talaria Figures
Talaria Deck
Wink Animation